Riva presents elegant collectibles


The Ferretti Group brand reveals collectible Christmas present ideas.


The mahogany chest is ideal for storing items that need sanitisation such as shoes and towels

The Riva Brand Experience has unveiled an eclectic selection of accessories and design items suitable as Christmas gifts. Signature Riva materials such as steel and mahogany and the colour aquamarine have been used in a multi-purpose chest, backgammon sets, pens, berets and the Riva In the Movie book.

The inside is treated with an ESI antimicrobial system to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi

Made of grooved mahogany, the large chest (€2,200) is suitable for items that need rapid sanitisation – such as shoes, magazines, towels – and to be stored in a clean environment, whether used on a boat, by a swimming pool or at home. The chest’s insides are treated with an ESI antimicrobial system, which rapidly eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Backgammon sets are available in blue leather (pictured) and aquamarine mambo fabric

The backgammon sets are available in aquamarine mambo fabric (€2,800) and blue leather (€5,000), with Riva describing it as “not just a game but a genuine work of art”. Both sets feature mahogany and maple construction with a steel Riva logo either inlaid or, in the more luxurious leather model, with a transparent effect. The white and aquamarine dice and pieces have mahogany inlays.

The Roman bronze roller ball is among three limited-edition Tibaldi for Riva pen models

The Tibaldi for Riva pens include a cream-colour roller pen (€1,500), a Roman bronze roller pen (€1,350) and a Roman bronze fountain pen, with just five pieces of each model available. The paints are the same as those used on the yachts, an assurance of strength and durability. The clips are shaped like Riva cleats, featuring a sophisticated spring mechanism to attach to a pocket.

The cream roller ball is also among the Tibaldi for Riva options

In the roller pens, the barrels are made of hand-inlaid wood with a pattern recalling Riva boat decks. The Tibaldi for Riva nib, made of 18-carat solid gold, reprises the original ‘1a Qualità’ wording on Tibaldi nibs at the beginning of the last century. All the Tibaldi for Riva pens come in an elegant metal container lacquered in a colour matching that of the pen and closed by a wooden cap.


Made by Il Borgo Cashmere, the beret is based on the classic navy-blue sailor’s beanie

The cashmere cap (€220) is made by Il Borgo Cashmere, one of Italy’s top craft manufacturers in the sector. Based on the classic navy-blue sailor’s beanie, the beret is soft and water-repellent, ideal for the cold season but light enough to be worn in spring. The cap is also available in aquamarine and the chromed metal Riva logo is on both versions.


The 300-page Riva in the Movie book captures the brand’s history in film

The new 300-page Riva in the Movie book (€120) features rare photos, detailed reviews and the original posters of the 39 films in which Riva boats have played an important role alongside Italian and international film stars. The book includes 300 photos and mentions 77 actresses and 110 actors, interweaving stories of cinema and yachting.

'Riva in the Movie' captured in print | Yacht Style

The 300-page book covers Riva's appearances in 39 films from 1954 Following the four-minute Riva in the Movie starring Pierfrancesco Favino and an Aquariva that premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival, Ferretti Group has released a glossy coffee-table book of the same name.