‘Riva in the Movie’ captured in print


Ferretti Group celebrates Riva’s appearances on the silver screen in a 300-page book, Riva in the Movie, which captures the brand’s boats appearing in 39 films over more than six decades.

The 300-page book covers Riva’s appearances in 39 films from 1954

Following the four-minute Riva in the Movie starring Pierfrancesco Favino and an Aquariva that premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival, Ferretti Group has released a glossy coffee-table book of the same name.

The spectacular 300-page, 3kg publication covers the appearance of Riva boats in over six decades of movies from 1954’s Mambo starring Silvana Mangano to 2019’s Men in Black: International featuring Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth on a Riva during the making of Men in Black: International

The book covers 39 films with their original posters, 300 pictures of scenes and life backstage, 77 actresses and 110 actors. The many other A-Listers that can be seen on board Riva yachts include Clark Gable, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Vincent Cassel.

Every film is accompanied by a summary of events from the year it was released and an overview of a Riva model from the time, to paint a picture of society and the world at the time. The films were shot in some spectacular locations including the French Riviera, Venice, the Costa Smeralda, Lake Como, Ischia, Capri, Lake Maggiore, Forte dei Marmi, Cannes and Nice.

The glossy coffee-table book is 30cm-high and weighs 3kg

Films range from the drama of Le Mépris (1963) and Il Sorpasso (1962), Agatha Christie mysteries and thrillers such as Nikita and several James Bond films, to Italian comedies including Vacanze Di Natale, Yuppies and Il Paradiso All’Improvviso. There are even genres confined to history such as the ‘musicarelli’ that showcased the talents of Mina, Domenico Modugno, Al Bano and Romina Power.

The film reviews by Franco Barbolini are full of facts and details about the production of the movies, which will appeal to film buffs, while Riva lovers will enjoy old photographs and meticulous descriptions of every model.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group, which bought Riva in 2000, said: “You may well not believe it, but there was no product placement whatsoever in any of the films mentioned in Riva in the Movie.

Rivas have appeared in films made all over the world, covering many genres

“On the contrary, Riva often only found out that one of its yachts had featured in a film from someone who had been to the cinema to see it. This is because Riva has been so successful over the last 70 years that its products almost immediately stopped being exclusive to the sailing world and became items associated with art, design, society and culture.

“At Ferretti Group, we have had the honour, as well as the magnificent yet tremendous responsibility, of flying the standard of the most famous brand in the world of sailing for over 20 years. Carlo Riva continued to show his support over the years, and we will never stop feeling his presence, as his genius is rooted in the DNA of these extraordinary speedboats. This book is dedicated to him and to his life.”

Written by Franco Barbolini, the 30cm x 28cm hardcover book is in Italian and English, and available for €120 (about for €120 (about US$140) at www.rivaboutique.it

Riva in the Movie shows at 77th Venice Film Festival | Yacht Style

Riva in the Movie makes its official debut on September 4 during the Venice Film Festival, which will be attended by the film's star, Pierfrancesco Favino, also the leading actor and co-producer of Padrenostro, the competition film directed by Claudio Noce.