Riva in the Movie shows at 77th Venice Film Festival


Shot in Venice, the short film stars Pierfrancesco Favino and co-stars an Aquariva, while a 300-page book pays tribute to the 39 films that Riva yachts have appeared in.

Riva in the Movie makes its official debut on September 4 during the Venice Film Festival, which will be attended by the film’s star, Pierfrancesco Favino, also the leading actor and co-producer of Padrenostro, the competition film directed by Claudio Noce.

Pierfrancesco Favino stars in and narrates Riva in the Movie

Favino also narrates Riva in the Movie, which features him crossing Piazza San Marco just before dawn, in moonlight filtering through an evocative fog, and boarding an Aquariva. His goal is to navigate Venice’s canals to deliver a mysterious mahogany object to an equally mysterious recipient. The finale comes as a big surprise.

With a creative concept developed by Armando Testa, the film is directed by Federico Brugia and co-stars Beatrice Schiaffino and Andrea Bordoli.

An Aquariva features in the short film, which was directed by Federico Brugia

Shot entirely in Venice, the film’s locations include Piazza San Marco, Rialto bridge, the Lido and the Palazzo del Cinema, taking viewers on a journey through the canals and wonders of the beautiful city.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, said: “The celebration of cinema with Riva’s magnificent boats, which have starred in so many films and introduced the whole world to Italian style and creativity: that is our aspiration for Riva in the Movie, a powerful short film starring the most accomplished and famous Italian actor in the world, Pierfrancesco Favino, against the backdrop of Venice’s splendours. Riva in the Movie is dedicated to everyone who believes in the magical power of imagination and talent.”

Riva in the Movie was shot entirely in Venice

Riva’s iconic mahogany and contemporary boats have appeared in films across more than 70 years, from global blockbusters like James Bond movies, Nikita and Men in Black to major Italian hits like Mambo, La Baia di Napoli and Il Sorpasso, and multiple award-winning art house films like La Grande Bellezza.

Their story is also told in a 300-page book, also titled Riva in the Movie, which covers 39 films and includes original film posters, hundreds of superb on-set and backstage photographs, 77 actors and 110 actresses.

Riva in the Movie is also a 300-page book about Riva’s history in film

Riva’s history in film will also be the subject of an exhibition at The Gritti Palace, where the Riva Lounge offers spectacular views over the Canal Grande. The exhibition will tell the story of the numerous films in which Riva boats have played an important role alongside Italian and international movie stars.