Lürssen redelivers 110m Kaos


German shipyard completes its “biggest refit to date” on former Jubilee.

Kaos was refit at the Lürssen-owned Blohm+Voss facilities in Hamburg (Photo: Klaus Jordan)

Lürssen has redelivered the 110m Kaos to her owners after completing what the German builder describes as its “biggest refit to date”, having begun in March 2019. The refit was completed at the Lürssen-owned Blohm+Voss facilities in Hamburg and included modifications to her interior and exterior.

In a year affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Lürssen was pleased to successfully complete the work after “navigating the breakdown of supply chains and the yard’s own preventative protocols”. At peak times, there were about 150 people at one time working onboard the yacht.

The 110m Kaos, the former Jubilee, exits the shed (Photo: Klaus Jordan)

York Ilgner, Director at Lürssen Yacht Refit, said: “We are very satisfied that we achieved what we set out to do. It was a complex refit that was challenging at times, but it has been very successful.”

Exterior modifications on the main deck and bridge deck aft, styled by Sam Sorgiovanni, have been integrated into the yacht’s original design.

The owners selected Reymond Langton for the interior design and the UK-based firm redesigned existing spaces and created new ones.

Work was done on both the yacht’s exterior and interior (Photo: Klaus Jordan)

Project Manager Thomas Dapp said: “What you see from outside already looks significant, but the majority of the work was done on the interior. Overall, we renewed 1,500sqm of interior spaces.”

Burgess’s new construction team acted as owner’s representative. “The owners were heavily involved in every aspect of the project,” said Ed Beckett from Burgess.

“This was an incredibly demanding project particularly in relation to timing and quality expectations. The end result is really quite exceptional and was only achieved with great teamwork from all involved.”

Kaos leaving Hamburg after a 19-month refit (Photo: Andrea Hamann)

Over the last few years, refit has developed into a core business for Lürssen, which can also work on yachts it didn’t build itself, as in the case of Kaos.

Lürssen’s eight shipyards across northern Germany allow multiple yachts to be refitted at the same time across an array of covered sheds and drydocks, drawing upon a manpower of over 2,800 people including over 700 engineers and naval architects.