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First Silent 60 due in January 2021


Four units of the brand’s best-selling Silent 60 powercat are under construction in Thailand.

The first Silent 60 is scheduled to be ready at PMG Shipyard in January 2021

Thailand’s PMG Shipyard is currently building four units of the Silent 60, with the first due to launch in January 2021. The model is Silent-Yachts’ best-selling solar-electric catamaran, with 12 units sold in a year after the design’s presentation at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.

The first 60 will also be the Austrian brand’s first catamaran to be equipped and delivered with a kite sail system. As the kite itself will be mounted on the front deck, the entire system can be stored in a dedicated compartment below the foredeck when not in use.

The Silent 60, seen here at PMG Shipyard, is equipped with 42 solar panels

The Silent 60 is equipped with 42 solar panels, resulting in 17kWp solar energy production. A large storage area underneath the cockpit can accommodate a tender or a small sailboat and several kayaks or SUPs, accessible from the stern and from above.

Facilities at the PMG Shipyard in Rayong near Pattaya have been enlarged so another shed can accommodate two more Silent 60 units. The shipyard is headed by Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Guénat and was known as Bakri Cono until earlier this year.

The Silent 60 is Silent-Yachts’ bestselling model, with 12 sales to date

Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of Silent-Yachts, said: “We are proud of our production. After the first Silent 60 is delivered in January 2021, more launches are coming.”

Another Silent 60 is being built at Silent-Yachts’ shipyard in Fano, Italy, where a second production line is currently being set up. The shipyard is expected to be able to produce about 15 Silent 60s per year out of two sets of moulds.

In Italy, four units of the brand’s flagship Silent 80 are under construction, while a further three have been sold.

The Silent 80 has sold seven units, with four under construction in Italy

Aside from the new designs, a Silent 55 is being built in China, although the latest unit is the brand’s first with a new front exit. The 55 is expected to launch before the end of this year.

To date, Silent-Yachts has sold 31 units from 55-80ft, delivered 11 and expects over 15 to be delivered in 2021. The current range comprises 55, 60, 80 and 80 Tri-Deck models.

Silent-Yachts catamarans use silent electric propulsion for unlimited range with no noise or fumes and minimal vibration. The company is developing new lines and is also involved in Silent Resorts, which combines Silent-Yachts catamarans with ecologically sensitive on-land facilities using the same solar-electric power system.

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