Thailand opens to visiting yachts


Thai Cabinet approves Alternative Yacht Quarantine and opens borders to visiting yachts.


Thailand is again welcoming yachts, upon conditions

The Thai Cabinet has approved Alternative Yacht Quarantine (AYQ) for visiting yachts, the Thai Yachting Business Association announced.

AYQ allows crew and passengers to quarantine on board for 14 days, but all personnel must adhere to requirements for three RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) tests, health insurance, and other health and safety requirements listed below. Application for yacht entry must be submitted through an approved yacht agent in Thailand.

Port Takola Yacht Marina & Boatyard in Krabi province, east of Phuket

Crew and passengers will be eligible for a Special Tourist Visa (STV) which gives 90 days stay and can be extended twice, for another 90 days each time. Visa application can be submitted at the Royal Thai Embassy.

The Thai Government will also provide a grace period until November 30 by providing STV on arrival to assist boats that have been left stranded.

“We are available to assist your entry into Thailand,” said Matthew Na Nagara, Chairman of TYBA and General Manager of the Port Takola Yacht Marina & Boatyard in Krabi. “We look forward to welcoming yachts again.”

Matthew Na Nagara, Chairman of Thai Yachting Business Association

Requirements for yacht entry into Thailand includes the following:
• Proof of a captain, crew, and passenger of the vessel status
• Health insurance covering Covid-19 treatment not less than US$100,000
• A letter of confirmation to the 14-days-and-above onboard quarantine and other Thai health-and-safety requirements
• Sailing itinerary
• AIS (automatic identification system) must be on at all time
• Twice-a-day temperature record since the start of sailing

Requirements for Alternative Yacht Quarantine (AYQ) includes the following:
• Mooring at designated area by the Thai Marine Department
• RT-PCR test on arrival, dates 2-5 and dates 12-14
• No leaving the vessel during quarantine
• Provisions to be supplied by a yacht agent

For questions, email: Matthew Na Nagara (