Sanlorenzo outlines ‘Road to 2030’


Executive Chairman Massimo Perotti reveals the Italian builder’s focus on sustainable technology along with other priorities for the coming years.


Sanlorenzo, Road to 2030, Rolls-Royce, Siemens Energy, Volvo Penta, Bluegame, Massimo Perotti, EBITDA


Sanlorenzo has revealed its ‘Road to 2030’ vision, which includes a focus on sustainability and fuel efficiency illustrated by ongoing partnerships with Rolls-Royce, Siemens Energy and Volvo Penta.


The builder kicked off its announcement by revealing financial figures that has led to a forecast for the 2022 financial year of revenues between €720-740 million, about a 25 per cent increase compared to 2021. The EBITDA forecast is between €126-130 million, representing an increase of over 30 per cent, while net profit is expected to be €68-70 million, about 35 per cent up on 2021.


However, Executive Chairman Massimo Perotti emphasised that Sanlorenzo’s priorities for the coming decade are headed by sustainability and technology, with a particular focus on the marine use of hydrogen fuel cells.


Last year, Sanlorenzo signed a partnership with Siemens Energy for the integration of fuel cells powered by hydrogen obtained from methanol to generate electricity on board, a technology that will first be seen on 24-80m yachts on a 50Steel superyacht scheduled for delivery in 2024.


This August, Sanlorenzo signed an agreement with Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems with its product and solution brand MTU for the installation of hydrogen propulsion systems obtained from methanol. These solutions will be combined with fuel cells supplied by Siemens Energy and will initially be installed on a prototype Sanlorenzo superyacht, scheduled for delivery in 2026.


Sanlorenzo, Road to 2030, Rolls-Royce, Siemens Energy, Volvo Penta, Bluegame, Massimo Perotti, EBITDA


The use of green methanol, produced with electricity from renewable sources and CO2 captured from the atmosphere, enables the generation of ‘carbon-neutral’ power. The amount of CO2 released into the air in the combustion process is equivalent to the amount removed from the environment to produce methanol.


Meanwhile, Bluegame has been selected by American Magic, challenger in the 2024 America’s Cup, as a partner for the design and construction of the first chase boat with exclusively hydrogen propulsion and use of foils, according to the strict requirements of the event’s protocol.


Bluegame has also reached an agreement with Volvo Penta to install a pilot IPS hybrid propulsion system, which will be combined with hydrogen fuel cells developed from the America’s Cup project. It will be implemented on the BGM65HH (hydrogen-hybrid) model, to be launched in 2025.


Sanlorenzo’s other themes for the Road to 2030 include services and the supply chain. Services includethe Sanlorenzo Charter Fleet, described by the yard as the world’s first mono-brand charter programme”. Other services include training programmes for crew members at the Sanlorenzo Academy, tailor-made leasing and financing, as well as maintenance, restyling and refitting services, all under Sanlorenzo Timeless.


To strengthen the supply chain, Sanlorenzo intends to forge closer partnerships with its suppliers and strategic contractors through initiatives in supporting them, such as the extension of its sustainability path, the sharing of best practices, the possibility of drawing specialised personnel from the Sanlorenzo Academy, and structured financial support.


Simpson Marine represents Sanlorenzo and Bluegame in Asia.