Sanlorenzo to present Collectors Lounge at Art Basel HK


Represented by Simpson Marine, Sanlorenzo Asia will present work by Chinese artist Li Qing in the Collectors Lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong.


Sanlorenzo, Simpson Marine, Art Basel Hong Kong, Li Qing, Collectors Lounge, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Shanghai


Sanlorenzo returns to Art Basel Hong Kong (March 21-25) with the Collectors Lounge on L3 Concourse, where it will present Li Qing’s entitled ‘Landscape with Lighthouses’, curated by Flash Art. Born in 1981 in Huzhou in northern Zhejiang province, Li graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the China Academy of Art in 2007, and today lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai.


For Sanlorenzo, he has created an original work that reflects the relationship between humanity and nature. The connection between Sanlorenzo and Li brings a new light on the seascape and the world of navigation, through the study and the different perspectives of the lighthouse form.


The Chinese artist’s work is part of the study initiated by Sanlorenzo through the arts and projected into the future, which led the shipyard to create Sanlorenzo Arts, an interactive collection of works and projects spanning the most important themes of everyday life.


Nick Stratton, Sales Manager of Sanlorenzo Asia, said: “We are thrilled to be presenting Sanlorenzo’s Collectors Lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong. This is an important event for the shipyard and we’re excited to showcase its passion for art and design to a global audience. We believe our commitment to creativity and innovation is reflected in everything we do, from our yachts to our art collection, and we look forward to sharing this with visitors to the fair.”



‘Landscape with Lighthouses’ is a unique work created using a window salvaged from an old building in Hong Kong, which serves to support the entire structure of the painting. Geometrical panels in the shape of a pinwheel are superimposed on a reproduction of the harbour. The different aesthetics of architecture and the sea, order and landscape, are delineated through the grid of the window.


The lighthouse in the centre of the work recalls the entrance to Victoria Harbour, interpreted with a modernist aesthetic. The font of this modelling indicates the relationship between man’s industrial rationality and nature. The lighthouse, standing between the two, becomes a unit of measurement for evaluating and dividing two worlds but is also a symbol of surveillance and travelling from one place to another.


The entire layout of the lounge emphasises a geometric sensibility. The macro-spatial perceptions of the city and nature constantly communicate the work. In the conflict and reverberation between artifice and nature, the beauty of colour and structure leads us to an unknown utopia. Dual worlds intertwine. Futuristic, utopian, vertiginous architecture is traced by the geometry of the wooden structures, defined by the human brain.


An exclusive Meet The Artist event with Li Qing will be held for Sanlorenzo owners and guests on March 22 at 4pm. Please contact or your local broker to request an invitation.