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Japan updates superyacht regulations


Japan, updates, superyacht, regulations, Super Yacht Logistics, SYL, Kenta InabaKenta Inaba, President of SYL Japan

Super Yacht Logistics (SYL) has announced changes to the rules regarding superyachts visiting and cruising in Japan. Kenta Inaba, President of SYL Japan and an experienced sailor, explained that changes were needed as the previous rules for superyachts in the country were aligned with commercial ship regulations.

“SYL Japan has worked hard since 2015 with various government departments and the Parliamentary Association for Luxury Travel to educate them about the superyacht industry, the economic benefits of superyachts visiting Japan, and how the previous rules were detrimental to the superyacht industry in Japan,” he said.

Inaba revealed that the rules have been overhauled for foreign-registered superyachts, with no time limit on a superyacht staying and cruising in Japan.

Superyachts visiting Japan now benefit from more relaxed regulations; Photo: c/o SYL Japan

After completing initial clearances, superyachts will immediately apply for and receive a Naikosen, a type of cruising permit that allows it to essentially operate as a domestic Japanese vessel, with no clearances needed to cruise domestically. Previously, superyachts had to complete full customs, immigration and other clearance declarations for each movement while in Japanese waters.

Superyacht crew will be issued with a Multiple Landing Permit as needed and for as long as the yacht is in Japan, with the ‘crew pass’ only expiring when the crewmember leaves Japan either by flight or on the superyacht. Previously, under commercial ship rules, the crew pass was for 14 days.

In addition, superyacht crews of an eligible nationality can still receive a 90-day tourist visa waiver, which provides more options to travel in Japan while not on the superyacht.

Japan offers visitors fascinating history and beautiful scenery; Photo: c/o SYL Japan

Visiting superyachts will have to engage the services of a recognised agent that has government permissions necessary to apply for the yacht’s entry to Japan. 

Along with updating superyacht rules, Japan’s government has put in place simple access to UHNW people through changes to rules for private jets and other domestic luxury travel, to encourage acceleration of a post-pandemic recovery.

“There are currently government restrictions on tourism due to the pandemic, but once these are lifted, the new rules will accelerate the ease for UHNW visitors to Japan,” Inaba said. “We already know of a number of superyachts planning to head to Japan in 2022.”

For more information, contact Kenta Inaba at:

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