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International®, Awlgrip® yacht coatings set the bar


AkzoNobel’s yacht coatings International® and Awlgrip® help ensure boats spend more time in the place they were designed for.


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International Micron 99®


As boat ownership has spiked significantly over the past few years, there is now more demand than ever for boat products to help ensure that owners of brand-new or pre-owned yachts can spend more time on the water.


All boats require a certain level of maintenance to keep them functioning well, and choosing the right coatings is a crucial element in protecting and enhancing your boat’s performance in tough marine conditions. Selecting the right antifouling is the first key step in this process, to help ensure the bottom of your boat is kept in good condition – especially if it’s kept in the water. 


International’s Micron 99® is a premium antifouling that offers best-in-class Self-Polishing Copolymer Biolux technology to deliver outstanding protection in salt, fresh and brackish water, so that your boat is protected wherever you wish to take it. 


Its multi-seasonal performance ensures that one application lasts for at least two seasons, which increases your time with your boat on the water. You can also tailor the application to the activity needs of your journey and there is the possibility of up to 36 months of performance in one application, depending on the method and film thickness applied. 


Research examined the performance of Micron 99 after 24 months’ immersion, and it showed better protection against slime, weed and shell than any other product, ensuring the part of your boat below the waterline performs as well as above the waterline.


The coating also supports boatyards in cutting solvent emissions and meeting SED legislation by offering lower VOC levels, while its continuous self-polishing technology minimises drag over time, helping to maximise speed, increase fuel efficiency and save fuel costs for boat owners. 


AkzoNobel, Awlgrip, HDT, High Definition Technology, International, Micron 99, yacht, coatings, paint, boat, yacht, antifouling, Self-Polishing, Copolymer, Biolux, technology, topcoat, basecoat, Sea Hawk


Awlgrip HDT® products


Low VOC content also continues above the water with AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip range. Awlgrip has leveraged 45 years of formulation and application knowledge, gained from creating world-class coatings, to create a revolutionary product that fills the gap between hard, durable finishes and slightly softer, repairable finishes – Awlgrip HDT® (High Definition Technology).


This latest offering from the brand allows owners to protect their boat with a stunning, long-lasting finish – without sacrificing convenience. To formulate this product, the team at Awlgrip undertook exhaustive testing to ensure this topcoat could be applied in a wide range of temperatures, humidities and wind conditions. 


Natural exposure and accelerated weathering techniques were used to make sure Awlgrip HDT could withstand even the harshest environments to deliver protection in any location and in any water. It also enables maintenance to be completed in any weather condition. 


Awlgrip HDT is specially tailored for use with AkzoNobel toners instead of tints, ensuring a greater selection of colours, with exciting new tools to help you choose your colour faster. Not only can you choose to personalise your boat in a colour that reflects you, but with the topcoat’s mirror-like finish your vessel will indeed, literally, reflect you. 


Awlgrip HDT is cutting-edge. It offers tried and tested in-service performance with a minimum 24-month warranty. Meanwhile, its micro-scratch resistance and repairability mean that your finish will require less maintenance, less often, so offering longer adventures on the water with less disruption for maintenance.


While long-term benefits continue for the environment with all the colours available as VOC compliant, providing a sustainable solution without compromising on quality and features. 


As well as high-gloss finishes, Awlgrip has also created a new standard in matt finishes. Awlcraft CS is a two-component, intermixable matt clearcoat designed to complement the full range of colours and effects of the Awlcraft SE basecoat. Thanks to its easy way of preparation and application, Awlcraft CS can do the job whether your boat requires a matt, satin or semi-gloss finish.


Below and above the waterline AkzoNobel’s yacht coatings literally have you covered for as long as you want to be on the water, making sure your boat looks and performs with excellence and efficiency through diverse seas and challenging conditions without impacting the biodiversity or environment. 


Discover our full portfolio of products across our industry-leading brands – Awlgrip, International and Sea Hawk® – from premium topside finishes to bottom antifouling coatings, at: