Tried & Tested in Thailand: iAqua Sea Scooters, Part 2


Concluding a two-part article on iAqua’s sea scooters, Yachting Pages’ Tried & Tested series evaluates the AquaDart Pro models in Phuket and declares the brand’s overall winner.

Note: To read Part 1 (AquaDart Nano range), click here.


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Range: AquaDart Pro

AquaDart Pro is a cutting-edge, easy-to-use series of water scooters that has been created by iAqua’s design experts with swimmers, divers, adrenaline junkies and water sport lovers in mind. Priced from US$7,490-15,490, the models include the 680 Light, 680 Explorer, 720 Quest, 720 Max and 770 Xtreme, each available in a range of stylish colours.


Collectively, the Pro range meets a variety of different needs and abilities. Reaching powerful speeds of up to 23kmh overwater and 25kmh underwater, with thrust up to a whopping 770 Newtons (depending on the model), the performance is unrivalled.


The speed and endurance in this range means users can go further for longer, taking advantage of all the features it has to offer while using only one tank of air (if used when scuba diving). When used for scuba diving, weight belts can be added to counteract the buoyancy.


This powerful aqua scooter is also packed with safety features and can be set to a maximum depth and maximum speed, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride for all abilities.


Bright underwater lights are also a feature of the Pro range, allowing users to explore the depths of the ocean (up to 45m deep depending on the model) and the exciting sea life within it. The underwater lights are easy to toggle on/off and allow for a deeper exploration, no matter how dark it may appear.


Tried & Tested, Yachting Pages, iAqua, AquaDart, Nano, Pro, Phuket, Thailand, Pro 680 Light, Pro 680 Explorer, 720 Quest, 720 Max, 770 Xtreme


With up to two hours of run time at cruising speed, the Pro can be fully charged and ready to enjoy again in no more than two hours. So, what did the testers say about the Pro range? “Very strong, sturdy and durable” … “Extremely fun” … “Very manoeuvrable for its size”… “An underwater Tesla!” … “Quite heavy” – child tester.


AquaDart Pro 680 Light

Despite being the entry-level water scooter of the AquaDart Pro range, the Pro 680 Light still has a lot of bang for its buck. Perfect for those starting to explore water toys and dive scooters, this model still reaches top speeds of up to 15kmh and has a thrust of up to 680 Newtons. Available in Artic White and Baltic Gray, it’s suitable for both first-time users and scuba divers.


Fun to ride and reaching depths of up to 40m, our testers thought the Pro 680 Light had just the right amount of speed. As the cheapest of the AquaDart Pro range, this model is an excellent choice for rental companies for onboard use.


AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer

Also available in Artic White and Baltic Gray, the Pro 680 Explorer delivers a similar performance to the Pro 680 Light, but packs a bigger punch with its endurance. It boasts a maximum operating time of 140 minutes and is great for those wanting to explore a little further and for a little longer.


Rating highly for its battery and impressive operating time, the Pro 680 Explorer delivered a fun experience for testers both with and without scuba diving equipment. Awarded ‘Best for Scuba Diving’, it has the right balance for slow scuba diving exploration, yet can still thrill the free-divers. It’s recommended that an iAqua buoyancy belt is used as it contains a knife, torch and pouches that add weight and counteract the toy’s positive buoyancy.


Tried & Tested, Yachting Pages, iAqua, AquaDart, Nano, Pro, Phuket, Thailand, Pro 680 Light, Pro 680 Explorer, 720 Quest, 720 Max, 770 Xtreme


It proved stable and secure for users enjoying the scooter without equipment, regardless of experience. However, one trained scuba diving tester noted that it may not be suitable for beginner divers without a few lessons first.


Once mastered, it adds a whole new dimension to diving and offers a range of advantages for users, such as being able to go against the current without getting tired and being able to swim alongside mantas, dolphins and shoals of fish.


AquaDart Pro 720 Quest

The AquaDart Pro 720 Quest is also a strong contender, and rightly so. Available in a large selection of stylish colours, such as Flame Red and Bahamas Blue, this model can reach a top speed of 21kmh and boasts six power levels of up to 4.5kW.


With an operating time of up to 130 minutes and a thrust of 720 Newtons, it is a powerful and impressive dive scooter. This model also comes with the AquaDart Fast Charger.


Although it received mixed reviews about its weight, the testers (including the child tester) still found it to be sturdy and easy to control. With more power than other AquaDart Pro models, it proved to be great fun for zooming around.


AquaDart Pro 720 Max

For those wanting to explore the ocean a little deeper, the AquaDart Pro 720 Max is more than equipped. It can reach depths of up to a whopping 45m, allowing for a thorough exploration of the ocean and all it has to offer.


Tried & Tested, Yachting Pages, iAqua, AquaDart, Nano, Pro, Phuket, Thailand, Pro 680 Light, Pro 680 Explorer, 720 Quest, 720 Max, 770 Xtreme


With highly powered 1700 Lumen Twin LED lights, even the darkest areas can be discovered. This model comes with the AquaDart Fast Charger and is available in a larger variety of colours, with nine options ranging from Lightening Yellow to Lizard Green.


Rating highly for speed and performance, the Pro 720 Max proved to be a hit with our testers. Although heavier than the Nano models, testers found that the Pro 720 Max was still easy to manoeuvre and quick through the water.


Awarded ‘Best for Yacht Charters’, it delivers just the right amount of speed for an adrenaline pumping experience, but is still easy enough for beginners to control. The addition of the AquaDart Fast Charger allows for quick charging in between uses.


AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme

The AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme was created with both thrill seekers and explorers in mind. As the world’s fastest and most powerful sea scooter, it can deliver an impressive thrust of up to 770 Newtons and speeds of up to 25kmh.


Made of carbon-fibre, reducing its weight and increasing the speed, this model can deliver an unforgettable, high-speed experience, as well as meet the needs of those looking to explore the deeper depths of the ocean. This model comes with the AquaDart Fast Charger.


Tried & Tested, Yachting Pages, iAqua, AquaDart, Nano, Pro, Phuket, Thailand, Pro 680 Light, Pro 680 Explorer, 720 Quest, 720 Max, 770 Xtreme


Being the fastest underwater scooter on the market, the Pro 770 Xtreme ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to thrills and performance. Although our testers found it a little overwhelming at first, the strength and sturdiness of the model meant non-athletic users could also enjoy it.


Our testers found the top speed to be incredibly exhilarating, but they did discover that water gets into the nose if not covered when going at full throttle.


According to one of our experienced scuba diving testers, this model should only be used between 10-20 per cent of its maximum power when used for deeper exploration. If used at top speeds, the water pressure could force the mask off and press the purge button on the regulator.


For scuba diving use, a lower power model, such as the AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer, would be more suited and economical. For sheer exhilaration, however, the 770 Extreme is unbeatable.


Recommended Retail Prices*

AquaDart Pro 680 Light                      US$7,490

AquaDart Pro 680 Explorer                US$7,990

AquaDart Pro 720 Quest                    US$9,490

AquaDart Pro 720 Max                       US$10,990

AquaDart Pro 770 Xtreme                  US$15,490

* RRP excludes local sales tax/VAT


Overall Winner: AquaDart Nano 620 Max


Tried & Tested, Yachting Pages, iAqua, AquaDart, Nano, Pro, Phuket, Thailand, Pro 680 Light, Pro 680 Explorer, 720 Quest, 720 Max, 770 Xtreme


Each toy in both the AquaDart Nano (click for article) and AquaDart Pro series rated well with our testers. However, there was one standout product and that was the AquaDart Nano 620 Max. Cheaper than similar underwater scooters on the market, this toy is great value for money. While it’s light and easy to transport, the Nano 620 Max still reaches the same top speeds as the Pro 720 Max, which is impressive for a toy that weighs in at just 22kg. It can also be fully charged in just 50 minutes with the AquaDart Fast Charger.


The Nano 620 Max is unlike anything else currently on the market. With significant speeds and its advantageous size, it’s no surprise this sea scooter has taken the crown. So, what did the testers say about the AquaDart Nano 620 Max? “The battery life is super impressive” … “It was amazing, I felt like a fish!” … “Very easy to use as it’s much lighter and smaller” … “It’s super agile and easy to manoeuvre. I went really close to the rocks without touching them”.