WRF launches Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce


Created by Water Revolution Foundation, the Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce features 16 design studios and is chaired by Winch Design CEO Aino Grapin.

Water Revolution Foundation, Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce, Winch Design, Vitruvius Yachts, Aino Grapin, Philippe Briand, Robert van Tol, naval architecturePhilippe Briand introduces the Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce

Water Revolution Foundation has launched its Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce, a collaboration of naval architects, interior and exterior designers dedicated to accelerating sustainability in yachting. ‘Taskforce’ reflects the group’s output-driven mission as participants commit to actively collaborate and share knowledge and results from the assessments they conduct with the Foundation.

The original group consists of Bannenberg & Rowell, Boutsen Design, De Voogt Studio, Dykstra Naval Architects, Espen Oeino International, German Yacht Couture Studio, Guido de Groot Design, Harrison Eidsgaard, Luxury Projects, Michela Reverberi, Merveille Yachting, RWD, Studio Delta, Van Oossanen Naval Architects, Vitruvius Yachts and Winch Design.

Initiators Winch Design and Vitruvius Yachts recognised the influential role designers have in the process of creating the next generation yachts. Having addressed this through four informal virtual roundtables with fellow naval architect and design studios, the desire for more structured collaboration led to an organised Taskforce.

Aino Grapin, Chair of the Taskforce and CEO of Winch Design, said: “It is a much needed message of hope that the international yacht design community comes together to work on sustainable solutions. It has been an honour and pleasure for me to chair this initiative and to now shift from reflection to real action. It makes me very optimistic that we will see ever more sustainable yachts grace our beautiful oceans.”

Water Revolution Foundation, Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce, Winch Design, Vitruvius Yachts, Aino Grapin, Philippe Briand, Robert van Tol, naval architectureAino Grapin, Chair of the Sustainable Yacht Design Taskforce

Philippe Briand of Vitruvius Yachts, a Founding Board Member of Water Revolution Foundation, added: “I believe in the power of creativity to change the world. This is the strength of the architect and designer together. The new taskforce empowers us with the challenge of demonstrating directions towards sustainability.”

Water Revolution Foundation was founded in November 2018 to reduce the superyacht industry’s footprint and preserve the oceans. Executive Director Robert van Tol said the Foundation will ensure a scientific approach backed by the group members’ immense knowledge and experience.

“We’re very pleased with this important movement in the yacht design community,” Van Tol said. “The design influences everything that comes next. This is obviously a significant responsibility but comes with even more significant opportunities.”

WRF’s projects include its Yacht Assessment Tool (YAT), Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI), Database of Sustainable Solutions, Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) crowdfunding campaign and Sustainability Communication Guidelines.

Water Revolution Foundation: Driving Superyacht Sustainability

Robert Van Tol, Executive Director of Water Revolution Foundation, speaks to Yacht Style about the organisation’s efforts to neutralise the superyacht industry’s ecological footprint.