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The inland shipyard near Milan is debuting its new Coupé range of yachts featuring solar power this year and offering the technology on other new models such as the 60 Fly.


The 48 Coupé will be the first model in Absolute’s new solar-powered range


Absolute will make a bold statement this summer when the northern Italian shipyard launches the 48 Coupé, the first model in a new range featuring solar panels that will complement its existing Flybridge (47-72) and Navetta (48- 73) lines.


The 48 Coupé features solar panels integrated into the roof of the boat. The new technology includes flexible monocrystalline silicon solar panels, with a metal grid inside for greater strength. At the centre is a double-glazed solar panel – visible from inside the saloon – that allows sunlight to enter, while the presence of argon gas within the ‘glass sandwich’ panel prevents the room from overheating.


The total power of the panels is 2kW, enough to operate utilities such as the refrigerator, VHF, on-board monitoring systems, entertainment system, lighting, instrumentation, water consumption and more. This not only negates the constant use of generators at anchor but also allows owners to enjoy peace at anchor, as the boat uses silent solar power to operate essential services.


The double-glazed solar panel is visible from inside the saloon


Sergio Maggi, Absolute’s Vice President and Head of R&D, said: “The Coupé range is inspired by a ‘green attitude’ that Absolute is developing. Our design team has materialised the ambition towards a more sustainable way of boating and manufacturing at Absolute’s facilities.”


Design features of this new range – “Coupé by name, but cruiser by character,” says the yard – are a large aft terrace overlooking the sea, large interior living spaces including a saloon with opening windows, and numerous stowage possibilities for those who prefer longer trips.


Absolute will also offer the solar power option on other models including on the hardtop of the yard’s other major launch this summer, the 60 Fly, which is set to make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival (September 7-12) along with the 48 Coupé.


Absolute’s 60 Fly will debut this year and is available with solar panels on the hardtop


“We are very proud to introduce the use of solar panels in our fleet,” Maggi said. “Our R&D department is always looking for the best balance between functionality, comfort and design, and each new model represents this combination.”


The green Coupé range and the option of solar panels on other new models is a logical extension of the attention the company dedicates to eco-sustainability during the production phases at its inland facility in Podenzano, about 80km southeast of Milan.


Founded in 2002, Absolute is a totally independent company, autonomous from both a managerial and financial point of view, so all the phases of research, planning, design and production are carried out internally.


The 48,000sqm shipyard produces about 100 boats per year with low environmental impact due to energy-supply technologies such as geothermal energy and solar panels, air-filtering and purification systems, and sustainable management of disposal materials.

Note: The original article appeared in Yacht Style Issue 57

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