SKAYR Yachts develops stylish SK Renanda One ‘with Asian market in mind’


Indonesian architect Raul Renanda has designed the SK Renanda One, a sleek dayboat conceived for Asian markets that features open social areas and a luxurious double cabin.

SKAYR Yachts is developing the SK Renanda One, a stylish 40ft luxury express cruiser designed by Raul Renanda, an architect, artist and sculptor whose recent work includes the sailboat-influenced Sjuman+Renanda concert grand piano designed with award-winning composer Aksan Sjuman.

SKAYR Yachts was founded by Firman Santoso, Nino Kusumaatmadja and Raul Renanda

Renanda has also cited sailboats as an inspiration in his architecture, paintings and sculptures, and his desire to design a yacht led him to collaborate with Firman Santoso, a luxury property specialist and yachting enthusiast.

Architect Raul Renanda Designs His First-Ever Grand Acoustic Piano

Inspired by the majestic movement of sails, self-taught pianist, architect and abstract painter, Raul Renanda, stepped beyond his expertise in designing hotels and luxury residences, to craft a state-of-the-art grand piano. Envisioning a highly evolved and modernized grand piano, Renanda aimed to create a coherent design, suitable for the contemporary work he often practices.

The pair then enlisted the services of Nino Kusumaatmadja, a naval architect for over two decades, to create SKAYR, with the name representing the initials of their surnames, SKR (Santoso, Kusumaatmadja, Renanda).

Raul Renanda is the creative mind behind the SK Renanda One 

“Raul came to me with the idea of designing and making yachts, and we involved Nino due to his experience as a naval architect, sailor and boat owner,” said Santoso, who studied architecture at university with Renanda and later worked in the yacht charter industry.

“Nino is an agroecology enthusiast who puts environmental issues as an important focus in his designs. He leads the technical advisory on each boat built by SKAYR. He selects the best materials and components for each product, plus new technology to balance usability and reliability as well as to reduce the environmental impact.”

The 40ft yacht will be fitted with twin 440hp diesel engines for a top speed of 30 knots 

Pitched as ‘sensible luxury’, the SK Renanda One is designed to be owner operated and has a day capacity of eight people, which can include a skipper and crew. The first hull will be fitted with twin 440hp diesel engines for an expected top speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 25.

“SKAYR’s vision is to combine high-end craftsmanship with emotional design and a focus on user experience,” Santoso says. “Raul and I focus a lot on the user because of our experience in creating luxury residences and a boat is basically a property on the water. Having carefully studied flow and space experiences in our architectural projects, we’re implementing it in our yachts.”

The SK Renanda One has a luxurious forward cabin, with seating areas on both sides

Designed for warm climates, the SK Renanda One features two fixed lounge beds that face aft over the swim platform and can double as facing sofas. Forward, under a hardtop, are bench seats either side of an adjustable table, a wet bar and a central helm seat. An open version without hardtop is also available.

“It’s a modern but classic-style yacht designed with the Asian market in mind,” Santoso said. “It’s very comfortable for six to eight people to enjoy for the day. It’s essentially a day boat with an open exterior, but with plenty of shade. There’s also a great air-conditioned cabin and comfortable shower facilities, so it’s suitable for overnight stays.”

The cabin also has two TV screens and an ensuite bathroom with separate shower

The forward cabin has an aft-facing double bed with two TV screens and seating on both sides, access to a bathroom with separate shower, while a high-end AV system also provides music outside.

The yacht is being built in Bali and Europe, with the first unit scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2022.