Royal Phuket Marina benefits from solar power


Marina generates majority of its power needs from solar panels atop its dry-stack storage facility.

Solar panels on rooftop of Royal Phuket Marina’s dry-stack storage

Royal Phuket Marina (RPM) is generating 60 per cent of all the power needed for its operations from new solar panels installed on its fully covered, four-storey dry-stack system.

RPM has become the first marina in Thailand to switch to renewable energy, having last year become the country’s first to receive ‘Clean Marina Accreditation’ from the Marina Industry Association as part of its International Clean Marina Program.

Gulu Lalvani, Chairman of Royal Phuket Marina, said: “We’re proud to say that our move to solar power reduces our annual carbon footprint by 20 tonnes. We’re passionate about nature and the environment at Royal Phuket Marina.”

Suitable for boats up to 48ft (15m), the dry-stack facility offers other advantages such as negating the need to coat hulls with anti-fouling chemicals that leach into the ocean over time. The storage service includes hauling out after use and a pressure-wash before re-stacking.

Marina Manager Woranart Wongvanich said: “Our dry-stack customers can call us 24/7 saying they want to use their boat today, and it will be in the water, ready to go, within 10-15 minutes.”