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Hull 100 of Aquila 36 completed


China’s Sino Eagle completes the 100th hull of the Aquila 36 in the brand’s factory in Hangzhou


The Aquila 36 is the brand’s fastest-selling model


Aquila has announced that hull 100 of its 36 has been completed at its shipyard in China and is on its way to its new owner.. In May, the company announced the completion of the 100th hull of the Aquila 44, which was delivered to Hong Kong.


Founded in 2012, Aquila is a cooperation between China’s Sino Eagle and MarineMax, the largest yacht distributor in the US and a leading charter company in the British Virgin Islands. The 100 units of the Aquila 36 were built in less than four years, with the first unit completed in November 2016 and officially launched at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2017.


The Aquila 36 has plenty of seating throughout the boat


Frank Xiong, Executive Director of Zhejiang Sino Eagle Holding Group, said: “Being the second Aquila model to hit hull number 100 in such a short time is quite a milestone. It only took 3½ years to reach hull number 100 for the 36, which is a lot faster than other models in the range that would typically need about five to six years to reach this milestone.


We had a strong belief that the Aquila 36 would sell more than 100 units from day one, but we honestly didn’t expect to reach this milestone so quickly. This accomplishment confirms the Aquila 36 hit the right spot in the marketplace.”

The Aquila 36 is among a portfolio ranging from the 32 to the new flagship 70


The 36 is available in a variety of models, while Aquila’s current portfolio also includes the 32, 44, 54 and 70, the latter two models released in late 2020.


Aquila’s dealers in Asia include Simpson Marine for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and Saigon Yacht & Marina for Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Simpson Marine sold the first Aquila 54 into Asia, with the powercat expected to arrive in 2021.

First sale of Aquila 54 in Asia

Sold by Simpson Marine Singapore, the first Aquila 54 into the region is scheduled to arrive in 2021.