Ferretti Group launches trade schools


The Italian group will open Scuola dei Mestieri at its Forli headquarters before expanding to nearby Mondolfo and Riva’s historical home in Sarnico.


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Ferretti Group is launching its Scuola dei Mestieri (Trade School) for people aged between 18-29 who want to start a career in the Italian luxury yacht industry. Listed on the Hong Kong and Milan stock exchanges, the Group owns seven luxury yacht brands and production facilities in seven locations across Italy.


Addressing Ferretti Group’s demand for specialised workers as it enjoys double-digit growth, the first edition of the course is being held in Forlì in Italy’s east, home to the company’s headquarters and production of multiple brands.


The initiative will then be extended to the nearby Mondolfo site and the scenic Sarnico facility on Lake Iseo in the north. Mondolfo is the home of Pershing and produces models for other brands within the Group, while Sarnico is the historical home of Riva and builds the brand’s sub-76ft models.


In Sarnico, two Salesian training centres (Don Bosco and CFP Zanardelli) will enable apprentices to get hands-on experience of the workplace in the three main operating areas: mechanical and systems engineering, fitting out and carpentry, and painting and fibreglass.


At the Mondolfo site, W.Academy – a business school specialising in training and placement – will provide support for the training of apprentices specialising in marine engineering and hydraulic systems.


Across Forli, Mondolfo and Sarnico, over 50 apprentices will be trained for prospective employment in Ferretti Group yards, which include the new 70,000sqm-plus site in Ravenna acquired this year.


The Scuola dei Mestieri provides professional training courses that combine theory and on-the-job experience in the shipyard. Training moves between classroom, workshops and hands-on experience in production departments, working towards career prospects. The classroom courses are held by managers and key technical experts, including former yard managers and line foremen.


Ferretti Group announced: “One of the greatest strengths of the Italian yacht industry, and of Ferretti Group in particular, is the unparalleled skill of its workforce – a mix of talent, experience and knowledge to be found nowhere else in the world.


“This is why our Scuola dei Mestieri project is so important to us. More and more owners want our yachts, so we need to meet their demands while maintaining the high standards that make us unique. We therefore hope to find young professionals to employ in our yards in mutually profitable long-term employment relationships.”