ClubSwan 80 in build in Italy


Construction of the first ClubSwan 80 sailing yacht, ‘conceived to be the fastest 80-footer ever built’, is well under way at Persico Marine in Italy.

Mould construction for the ClubSwan 80; Photos: Persico Marine

Nautor’s Swan has revealed updates and photos of the first ClubSwan 80 under construction at Persico Marine’s headquarters in Nembro, Italy, where hull lamination is under way.

Hull lamination is being carried out with the use of technologically advanced robots to achieve optimal quality and weight, as part of the first phase of construction on a sailing yacht “conceived to be the fastest 80-footer ever built”, according to Swan.

Marcello Persico, President of Persico Marine, said: “Hull construction is a highly specialised and delicate process that requires high-precision machinery, cutting-edge technology and impeccable technique, but, surprisingly, it can be quite romantic, as well. I see the hull surface as skin touching the water when the boat finally sets sail.”

Infusion technology at Persico Marine in Italy

Enrico Chieffi, Vice President of Nautor Group, explained why the ClubSwan 80 is being built at Persico Marine, where high-tech solutions – CNC machines for machining moulds and components, a tape-placement robot for lamination and a plotter for preparing the pre-cut prepreg – improve the quality, consistency and construction timing of the one-design parts.

“Nautor’s Swan is one of the few brands to have such a wide range of yachts. This variety of projects and models meets specific needs, particularly with respect to execution,” Chieffi said. “With the objective of broadening our product line, we have developed the strategy to create partnerships with first-class builders in different parts of the world. This is on top of proudly building our core yachts at our home yard in Pietarsaari.”

Hull lamination on the ClubSwan 80

The ClubSwan 80 is conceived as a very fast, high-performance yacht in line with her sisters in the ClubSwan Yachts division, based on the concept of One-Design. The new model features a 4.75m canting keel, a compromise between a very fast deep keel and one shallow enough to allow the yacht to enter harbours and ports without any limitations.

The ClubSwan 80 has twin rudders, as usually adopted for these new shapes designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, such as his design for the ClubSwan 36. A rotating canard has been selected to optimise performance for racing in light/medium winds (VMG) and not mainly for racing offshore like the ClubSwan 125, under construction in Finland.

Hull lamination detailing

Chieffi added: “The choice was to go for the most versatile option, to realise a boat that could be more competitive in tactically difficult situations. Technology needs to be optimised for what you are looking for, and that is what we try to do every time. This boat is going to be kind of a monster. She has been conceived to be the fastest 80-footer ever built up to now, with no runner-up in sight.”

The very long retractable bowsprit allows for a huge downwind sail that, together with the very light displacement related to the canting keel, “makes the yacht a real beast downwind, ensuring great fun while sailing”, Swan said.

The ClubSwan 80 is being built with sustainability in mind. To produce the moulds, Persico Marine is using recycled material, in particular carbon-fibre from previously used moulds. The carbon is separated from the resin so it can be used again as many times as possible. Additionally, the prepreg scraps are collected by Persico Marine and sent to a company specialised in medical protheses.

Juan Kouyoumdjian designed the ClubSwan 80

Marcello Persico added: “At Persico Marine, we have sustainability and the circular economy close at heart. We are very proud to be part of this process that not only helps us reduce waste but also gives carbon a new life for a virtuous and meaningful purpose in a completely different field.”

On the events side, the ClubSwan 80 will join the circuit of sustainable regattas started by Nautor in 2019 that involves the organisation of plastic-free events and supports an international sustainable organisation.

ClubSwan 80 to debut in 2021

The first ClubSwan 80 will launch in 2021, with the Finnish builder hoping to have three units competing in the following year’s Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.