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AGY Thailand collaborates with Infinite Yachts


The Thailand office of Asia Global Yachting is working with Europe’s Infinite Yachts to offer a wider range of services and options to its clients.


AGY, Thailand, Infinite Yachts, Asia Global Yachting, Phuket, Nicolas Monges, Frederic Perrochon, Giovanni Toumi, Infinite Yachts, Thailand Charter Week, charter, sales, yacht management, new builds, eventsAsia Global Yachting’s Thailand office is in Phuket

Phuket-based Asia Global Yachting Thailand has announced a collaboration with Europe’s Infinite Yachts, which will offer both companies’ clients inter-continental services. AGY Thailand, a leading exhibitor in the second Thailand Charter Week in November, is a specialist in charter, sales, yacht management, new builds and events.


Nicolas Monges, Managing Director of AGY Thailand, said: “By joining forces with Infinite Yachts, our clients benefit from the leadership and global scale of one of Europe’s leading sales and charter companies. Infinite Yachts has strong charter, brokerage, yacht management and watersports/toys departments and a crew division, which is in line with our objectives and vision. This will give our clients a much wider choice across the globe.”


Frederic Perrochon, Head of Charters at AGY Thailand, added: “It’s not enough to simply give clients a few options. Businesses need relevant experiences and products. Between our combined data partnerships, we can combine our experiences for game-changing services. At the same time, with Infinite Yachts’ brand portfolio, we can offer our clients a greater range of exclusive products adapted to their needs.”

Infinite Yachts, which is headquartered in France, is led by CEO Giovanni Toumi, who said the new collaboration evolved from a long-term friendship and cooperation.


“We have a very close relationship with Nico and his team, and we have been collaborating successfully for several years. With our alliance, we can bring together experience and different market knowledge in one company, expanding our offers and experience for our HNWI guests,” Toumi said.


“Our teams who engage with guests every day will now offer a wider range of products and services with almost a 24/7 ability to respond. We will focus on delivering timely and relevant insights to guests and industry players.”