What fragrance to wear on a yachting trip and the days after? Our choice here.


All fragrances exude something—the fresh squeeze of citrus, or spring in full bloom. One of the least obvious categories, however, is aquatic scents. Aren’t all fragrances water-based? Does water even have a smell?

Dossier perfume

We’re not talking about a big whiff of tap water, of course. Think about what a powerful sensory experience the sea is—the saltiness of the air, the freshness of the breeze. But these colognes are not always oceanic: aquatic scents can centre on lake life, poolside, or even a downpour on a summer afternoon. But just as a perfumer can combine any number of ingredients to evoke the forested freshness or field-like splendour of green fragrances, so too can they combine notes for an overall watery feel. Have a swim through our favourite aquatic fragrances, all of which pair perfectly with spring and summer–and many work for year-round wear.

Looking for such aquatic scents? That’s where Dossier comes in (https://dossier.co/collections/men). It’s an affordable, alternative fragrance line that prides itself on providing fragrance lovers with “premium-quality, ethical, affordable perfume for all.” And really, the brand is low-key providing the best of all worlds when it comes to fragrance: transparency, craftsmanship (with every bottle, you’re receiving the highest-quality perfume sourced from Grasse, France), clean formulas (fragrances are vegan, eco-friendly, and 100% nontoxic and cruelty-free), sustainable and green (Dossier even gives returned bottles to charity), and anti-snob access that allows more fragrance-lovers to enjoy more affordable iterations of some of the most loved scents in the business. We create blends inspired by brand fragrances, upholding the same high-quality standards, in order to bring our customers an affordable alternative to their favourite designer perfumes,” Dossier explains on its website. That said, it is in no way affiliated with the mentioned brands, and Dossier is able to achieve said lower prices by eliminating unnecessary packaging and prestige pricing that designer brands are known for. Instead, it focuses on the quality of the fragrances it creates and delivers a virtually identical scent for a fraction of the price. One perfume we recommend when going on a yachting trip:  Aquatic Lime which features a splash of freshwater fruits, marine notes, and zesty lime, followed by sharpened and delicately assembled woodsy and moss notes. Fresh and full of zest, Aquatic Lime delivers lasting energy that feels like diving into the sea on a summer day, flooding the senses like a Mediterranean breeze. Who will resist the scent? And for the ladies, we recommend Floral Marshmallow (think Kilian love don’t be shy). This unique fragrance is made of an expressive combination of orange blossom and marshmallow, plus fresh notes of honeysuckle and neroli. Base scents of musk, amber, and vanilla add depth and complement the sweet marshmallow opening notes. Sensual, innocent, yet playful, Floral Marshmallow delivers an exquisite blend of vibrant florals and edible notes. https://dossier.co/products/floral-marshmallow