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Yacht Style’s Sustainability series switches to Ferretti Group, whose CRN megayacht Voice was the first in Italy to be IMO Tier III compliant, representing a 70 per cent reduction in harmful NOx emissions.


CRN’s 62m Voice is Italy’s first IMO Tier III-compliant megayacht


Ferretti Group’s sustainability efforts were highlighted last year when CRN’s 62m Voice, delivered to her owner in July 2020, was the first megayacht built in Italy to receive IMO Tier III certification. Compliance was achieved by fitting the engine exhausts with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) auxiliary system, which uses a chemical process to slash harmful emissions.


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the United Nations’ specialised agency responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships, and Tier III represents a 70 per cent reduction in harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions compared to Tier II standards.


CRN builds the Group’s biggest yachts in steel and aluminium, and all its subsequent megayachts – including the 62m M/Y 138, 72m M/Y 139 and 60m M/Y 141 – will also be IMO Tier III-compliant.


All CRN yachts are built at the Ferretti Group’s 80,000sqm facility in the east-coast city of Ancona, the biggest of the conglomerate’s six shipyards across Italy and home to its Superyacht Division, which also builds Custom Line models and the likes of the Riva 50Metri and Pershing 140.


As well as CRN, Custom Line, Riva and Pershing, the Group’s eight luxury yacht brands include Ferretti Yachts, Itama, Mochi Craft and Wally, the latter’s acquisition announced in January 2019.


The first Custom Line Navetta 30 will arrive in Hong Kong in spring


The Group’s efforts to reduce emissions among its smaller models include its Zero Emission Mode (ZEM) Hybrid Propulsion solution. The system operates in five modes: diesel propulsion and energy storing, diesel-electric, ZEM propulsion, ZEM function and plug-in for stays in port.


In ZEM propulsion, the propellers are powered by the electric motors, disengaged from the diesel and operated exclusively by the propulsion battery pack, providing silent, zero-emission operation. In ZEM function, all the on-board utilities – including air-conditioning, boiler and ARG – are powered by the propulsion battery pack, enabling the boat to function in silence and with zero emissions.


The Group is also increasingly working with carbon-fibre to significantly lighten its yachts, a key factor in creating fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group, says: “We are always exploring solutions to mitigate the environmental impact of our products including new technologies to reduce the weight of hulls and research into hybrid engines.”


The Group’s environmental efforts include selecting eco-responsible materials for its yachts. In furnishings and fittings, this includes selecting certified wood from responsibly managed forests.


“We focus on wood from certified forests, managed correctly and responsibly according to the strictest environmental, social and economic standards,” Galassi says. “The natural ecosystem functions of forests – fundamental in offsetting the effects of climate change – are therefore not altered.”


Ferretti Group’s La Spezia shipyard earned ISO 14001 certification


As well as reducing energy consumption and lowering emissions in its yachts, the Group is also working to reduce emissions in the build process. Its 60,000sqm La Spezia shipyard on the west coast has earned ISO 14001 certification from the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) for its environmental management system.


“We are also working on the environmental impacts related to processes, so are implementing measures to increase efficiency and optimise work at our shipyards,” Galassi says. “In this area, the ISO 14001 certification for the La Spezia site is the starting point for integrated management of the environmental impacts of all our production processes.”


The Group has also obtained the RINA Biosafety Trust Certification, the first voluntary certification for the prevention and control of infection.

Ferretti Group publishes sustainability report

Ferretti Group, which builds luxury yachts under eight brands across six shipyards in Italy, has formalised its corporate responsibility process.