Superyacht safety with XS International


XS International provides protection for yachts, ranging from anti-drone technology to armed security in high-risk waters.


XS International and its partners offer a range of security solutions for superyachts including anti-drone technology. Drones present a variety of threats including paparazzi-style photography and video recording of yachts and their owners and guests, who are frequently unaware they’re being spied on.


XS International and its partner, MyDefence, a world leader in drone counter measurements devices, provide a variety of solutions for combating drones that approach the airspace near yachts.


Some sensors can detect that someone in the vicinity of the yacht is preparing to use a drone as soon as the drone is turned on. The defence technology can automatically notify the owner, captain, crew or security team via alert notification on a mobile phone, laptop or any other device that it’s time to cover yourself with a towel, leave your jacuzzi and move inside the yacht.



XS International offers a team of Maritime Security specialists that not only help in detection but also eliminate the threat by using jammers, so all on board can enjoy a carefree vacation.


Commercial drones operate in FRQ bands 433MHz, 915MHz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.2GHZ and 5.8GHz. The anti-drone technology can detect all these bands and let security know a drone is approaching from up to 3km away. With the detector connected to the jammer, the jammer will create a ‘fence’ up to 1km away, meaning the drone cannot come any closer.


MyDefence jammer has a jamming algorithm that counters the FRQ-hopping drones, so if a drone senses FRQ noise from the jammer or other environmental interference on 2.4GHz, it will switch FRQ to 5.8GHz and continue flying, while the algorithm in our jammer counters that and jams the drone anyway. With a conventional jammer, the drone will sense the interference from the jammer and switch FRQ band and leave the jammer useless.


Another advantage of MyDefence jammers is that they cover 60 degrees, with no need for the operator to see or aim a drone. A small drone 100m-200m away is hard to discover and hit with a usual jamming riffle, so this jammer is much more effective. XS International provides a 10 per cent discount on MyDefence equipment, while customers who contact MyDefence directly can secure the discount by mentioning ‘XS International’.





After the end of the September-October ‘shoulder’ season in the Mediterranean, many yachts head to warmer climes during the northern winter. Destinations include countries in the Middle East like Bahrain and the UAE, and within the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives.


The threat to commercial shipping by piracy in the Indian Ocean has created uncertainty in that part of the world and cast a shadow over neighbouring cruising destinations such as northern Madagascar, the Seychelles and even Mozambique. It must be stressed that sailing in that area is still potentially dangerous.


To increase the changes of safe passage safe through high-risk areas, XS International can provide an armed escort. A PMSC-certified company with UKAS – accreditation for ISO 28007-1:2015, Xtreme Security provides maritime security services and delivers in-depth risk evaluation analysis to the yachting business to combat piracy.

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