Sunreef conceives Zero Cat


The Polish shipyard is developing the 90ft-plus Zero Cat, a sailing superyacht designed to convert methanol to clean hydrogen.


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Sunreef’s current projects include the Zero Cat, a sustainable sailing superyacht that can convert methanol to clean hydrogen to provide self-sufficiency and unlimited autonomy. Measuring over 90ft, the zero-emission cat “is going to combine hydrogen power and electric propulsion to achieve a new level of eco-conscious cruising”, according to Sunreef, which recently started building the 80 Eco Hydrogen.


The Zero Cat will use a hydrogen generator to produce hydrogen from methanol on board. The system will benefit from green power produced by the yacht’s solar-power system, with solar cells built into the bodywork. The fuel-cell system will generate clean energy with zero emissions and the energy will be used for both the electric propulsion and hotel load.


The Zero Cat represents Sunreef’s ongoing pursuit of cleaner, greener yachting solutions by leveraging advanced technologies, engineering expertise and sustainable design principles.


Nicolas Lapp, CTO of Sunreef Yachts, said: “Our goal is to revolutionise the industry by offering discerning customers an exceptional zero-emission sailing experience. This project represents a milestone in our ongoing commitment to protecting our oceans and preserving the natural beauty of the sea.”


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Zero Cat technology


Sunreef’s R&D department has been in overdrive in recent years. Founded in 2002 by Francis Lapp, the Polish shipyard started to launch its ‘New Beginnings’ series of Sunreef 50, 60, 70 and 80 sailing cats in 2018. They were followed by the 60, 70 and 80 Sunreef Power models built on different hulls, while a 100 Sunreef Power – the shipyard’s biggest powercat to date – launched in late 2021.


In the last two years, the shipyard has begun launching the first models from its Eco range, which includes existing models fitted with solar panels, lithium batteries, hydrogeneration systems and other eco-friendly technology, while larger, newly designed models like the 100 Eco and 43M Eco sailing cats are in build.


For powercats, Sunreef has designed the high-volume Supreme 70 and 80 models, and the fast, sleek Ultima series (44, 55, 88), with both ranges of models available in Eco versions. Sunreef has also unveiled an Explorer line of large powercats (40M, 49M, 50M), as well as the 33M Explorer Eco.


Sunreef’s dealers in Asia include Hong Seh Marine in Singapore and Lee Marine in Thailand.