Royal Salute Is There To Celebrate Your Milestones at Every Moment


From giving a toast to your big 30 to the 30th million dollar, the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom is ready to rejoice with you.

By Joseph Low

Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom

Royal Salute is synonymous with celebrations. The Scotch whisky maker has been a mainstay in the commemoration of various milestones of the English monarch starting from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. While a 21-gun-salute paid tribute to the young monarch, in the same vein, Royal Salute created an exquisite blend using whisky from Strathisla, the oldest Scottish working distillery in the Scottish.


Royal Salute has a range of whisky expressions fitting for an occasion to commemorate milestones in life. The only requirement the brand follows is that it only uses whiskies that have been aged at least 21 years whenever a new blend is created. For the newest expression, the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom, a minimum of 30 years of whiskies are used. This tells of Royal Salute’s commitment to quality and gave rise to its informal motto, “We Begin Where Others End”.


While some of the most precious whiskies are resevered only for special days like anniversaries, birthdays and other events, these noteworthy affairs shouldn’t dictate when one should toast to rejoice and enjoy the exceptional taste of the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom.


A Toast to the Big 30


Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom

Just as the Queen has celebrated various mileposts with Royal Salute over the years, we also toast to our own achievements, and one that is close to many of us is reaching the big 30. It is said that when one crosses over 30 years old, you are believed to be more mature, responsible and wise enough to take all important decisions. For the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom, the new expression blends together a hand selection of the finest whiskies picked by Royal Salute Master Blender Sandy Hyslop. Each whisky is aged minimally for 30 Years and is sourced from Scotland.


The result of this meticulous blend is a luxurious concoction of sweet and fruity notes of juicy ripe pears, blood orange and honey. The medley of favours is reminiscent of the summer days in the highlands of Scotlands where the fruitbowl is overflowing with the freshest harvest. On the finish, the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom is smokey and lingers in the mouth.


A Toast to the 30th Million Dollars


What is the key to unlocking financial freedom? Some say earning the first million dollars is the answer, but we reckon that the 30th million would provide a greater ease of spending on luxury (given today’s rising inflation costs). The Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom is a tribute to the Ceremony of the Keys, hosted annually at Scotland’s Holyrood Palace where the keys to the City of Edinburgh are presented to the Queen. Similarly, the key, whether metaphorically or literally, symbolises the magic formula for success.


Master blender Sandy Hyslop shares, “The new blend pays tribute to one of the longest-standing ceremonies still practiced by the British Monarchy and captures the celebratory energy and classic refinement of the Ceremony of the Keys. Each whisky that was selected to create this new expression is of the utmost quality, and from the start of production through to bottling, it was a thorough process that required constant care and attention. The result is a distinguished blend and a great addition to the fantastic collection of Royal Salute high-aged Scotch whiskies.”


A Toast to the 30th Career Year


Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom

Another significant milestone in anyone’s life is the celebration of their 30th year in a career. A professional life that’s three decades long commands respect as it exemplifies one’s devotion to honing a craft. When the Queen gave her first Christmas speech, she said, “I may faithfully serve Him and you, all the days of my life,” and kept her promises throughout her remarkable reign. The Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom is a toast to the person’s exceptional commitment and the Queen’s faithfulness in the service to the people.


Presented in a hand-crafted flagon that spotlights high mastery of craftsmanship, the Royal Salute 30 Year Old Key to the Kingdom’s stopper is inspired by the hilt of ancient Scottish swords. The granite-effect of the bottle accentuates the silver emblem and also provides a pleasant contrast to the presentation box, which features designs inspired by the Ceremony of the Keys like the ceremonial horns, royal roses, noble swords and regal crests.


Celebrations can happen anytime. It does not need to be confined to just milestones because memorialising a special occasion needs no particular date as every day is worth toasting.