Launch of Roos Strategic Partners


Formerly at Fairline, Dennis de Roos has founded Roos Strategic Partners, an independent marine business consultancy.

 Dennis De Roos, founder of Roos Strategic Partners

UK-based Dennis de Roos has founded Roos Strategic Partners to provide commercial processes for marine business expansion and bottom-line improvement.

De Roos was formerly Commercial Director of British builder Fairline Yachts, having spent much of his career in international business development and project management. He has supported small to multinational companies in Europe, Asia and North America, and worked at automobile manufacturers General Motors and Morgan.

With Roos Strategic Partners, De Roos is focusing on supporting strategic and tactical projects for marine businesses wishing.

“These are challenging times for most marine businesses, not only the SME and start-up companies but also the established yacht manufacturers that need to make tough strategic decisions to prosper,” De Roos said.

“I’m able to bring the experience and knowledge of the necessary steps and processes that will help them succeed through improved efficiency and strategic planning and business-plan execution.”

His expertise incudes support on international business development; route to market strategy and dealer development; marketing, events and PR planning; new product development strategy and analysis; and marine market intelligence and customer trends.

De Roos comes from generations of boating professionals that were in the Dutch commercial vessel manufacturing business. At 14, he moved to France to complete his baccalaureate in Lyon and studied international commerce in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

He then moved to Florida to commerce his post graduate education. He obtained a Master of Science degree in International Management and an International MBA. He speaks English, Dutch, French and German.

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