Ferretti Yachts teases new Infynito range


The Italian builder is working on a new environmentally friendly series of 70-100ft models with the designers of the modern range of Ferretti Yachts models.


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The ‘all-season terrace’ on Ferretti Yachts Infynito series


Ferretti Yachts is developing a new Infynito series of yachts, which will range from 70-100ft. The models are designed by the team responsible for Ferretti Yachts’ newest models: Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and hulls, IdeaeItalia for the interiors, Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee led by Piero Ferrari and its Engineering Department.


Infynito yachts are designed to complement the brand’s existing flybridge series, which range in size from the FY500 to the flagship FY1000 that debuted last year.


Catering to “owners’ new needs”, Infynito models are designed to offer “seamless contact with the surrounding environment, even more sustainable materials and navigation, plus custom detailing”. Design wise, the ‘infinite’ emphasis is on visual continuity between interiors and exteriors, with panoramic views of the horizon.

“With no more limits and boundaries, the view sweeps far and wide and navigation is purer, more personal and more introspective,” Ferretti Yachts stated. “The understated design is clean and balanced, expressing new values that point the way to the more natural and sustainable approach to cruising increasingly embraced by owners.”

A key design feature is the main deck, where the view sweeps from interior to exterior and from bow to stern. The design of this space includes FY’s ground-breaking ‘all-season terrace’, a spacious and atmospheric area that’s hidden from passers-by when the yacht is moored on the quay and functional at sea in all weather conditions.

Infynito also introduces Ferretti Sustainable Enhanced Architecture (FSEA), a package of environmentally-friendly cruising solutions.

FSEA includes a solar roof that generates electric power to charge the onboard batteries, a ‘hotel mode’ powering onboard systems with zero emissions due to a special lithium battery pack, and the choice of greener materials such as ecological paints, sustainable teak, recyclable fabrics and leathers.